Attention Website Shoppers: Due to the increase of orders, it may take up to 5 business days to shop your order!  Please be aware, and take the time to call me at (269)625-1756 before you shop if you need something more quickly.  Thanks for your patience!  Sal

I’m moving on…and everything is on sale at about 50% off (some even more!) until Livvy Loops closes doors (and website) for good after the Christmas season.  Make sure you come grab everything you’d like to have before I’m done!  Also, if you’ve ever been interested in how a piece is made, make sure you ask.  This is the time that I will answer.  🙂

You might not want to wait…Some materials are already running perilously low, and I don’t expect too drop prices more than this.  If you want to have your favorites, shop now!


Final Opportunities to Shop:

at the shop from 11:30-5:30 on:
Wed., Oct. 26, Nov. 2, Nov. 9, and Nov. 16

and from 10-2 on Sat. Oct. 29

Plus ALWAYS by appt. (269)625-1756

Here at the site, explore our selection of over 600 hair clips and headbands.  Use the Livvy Loops shopping filters to find the perfect color and size.  We have something unique for all ages, from everyday to event worthy, our flowers, bows, clips, headbands, and school spirit accessories will amaze you!

Meet Sally & Livvy

The driving force behind Livvy Loops is Sally & Livvy. Sally is the creative and production talent, while Livvy serves as the inspiration and ultimate product tester.

Livvy Loops are high-quality, handmade hair accessories made from a mom who know how hard it can be to make a girl’s hair look good.  Sally tested many products when Livvy was little and found the key to making these clips work for everyone was the single prong clip with a special grippy pad to help keep it in place. Read more about how this grippy pad makes Livvy Loops stand out!

From classic to trendy Sally always goes above and beyond on each piece! Sally is very easy to work with, and the quality of her products are excellent. Her prices easily fit my budget. I always get exactly what I’m looking for when I shop at Livvy Loops — it just doesn’t make sense to go anywhere else!

Ashley F.